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Hexagon mineral water, also known as structured water, claims the ability to create a certain configuration of water that is better for the body. The term "hexagonal water" refers to a cluster of water molecules forming a hexagonal shape that supposedly enhances nutrient absorption, removes metabolic wastes, and enhances cellular communication, among other things.Hexagonal or structured water is believed to offer many health benefits, as mentioned below:

  • increases energy
  • improves concentration and memory
  • promotes weight loss and weight maintenance
  • promotes better sleep
  • supports a healthy immune system
  • helps detoxify the body
  • promotes good digestion and reduces constipation
  • promotes longer life.
  • improves skin complexion and circulation
  • helps stabilize blood sugar

The most predominant researcher has been Dr. Mu Shik Jhon who has published nearly 300 scientific papers on the subject of Structured Water.

According to Dr. Jhon, “All water is not created equal and it is the structure of the water within our bodies that ultimately determines health or sickness.”

Hygiea Ceramic Filter

Hygiea charged water detoxifies our body. All toxins in our body are flushed out of the body system and make our body healthy. It kills and stops the regeneration of bacteria in our body.

  • The ceramic filter is made of Hygiea
  • Hygiea= 19 minerals
  • Carbon= absorbs the impurities
  • Prevents and kills 0.2 microns/micrometers of bacteria.
  • Drop by drop clearance.
  • Stops regeneration of Bacteria

Carbon Filter

Carbon is used to naturally transform water into mild alkaline water and has antibacterial and deodorant qualities. A negative ion energizes the body & provides a feeling of freshness. Carbon water gives an excellent effect of moisturizing and absorption. the water to ionize and alkalize. Carbon, which is also one of the major components of the water filter, clears the chemical impurities of water like color, smell, taste, chlorine, fluorine etc.

Hexagonal Shape of Water Molecules

The hexagonally shaped water easily penetrates deep into our cells which improves hydration. It normalizes the blood pressure, improves constipation, maintains sugar level in the body, relief from gastrointestinal pain, maintains healthy PH balance etc.

Oxygenated Water

Whenever we consume oxygenated water it penetrates into our bloodstream which nourishes our cells and tissues and activates our immune system, eliminates the toxins from our body and helps us to make feel more energetic. Oxygenated water helps people avoid cancer, viruses and bacterial infections. It also slows the aging process and helps in burning fats.

Magnetized Water Treatment

It has been tested by Scientists in Russia that Magnetized water is very effective for our proper health. It is very effective in breaking up kidney and gall bladder stones into small enough particles to be passed through urine without any pain or damage to the patient. The water also prevents further formation of stones in the kidney and gallbladder. The Magnetized water is very effective for Cleansing effect on skin with acne, burns, boils, cuts. Moreover, it is very helpful for our Digestive system, Urinary system, Circulatory system, and Respiratory system.